Being passionate and striving to execute life to near perfection is what I wake up for… especially when it comes to showcasing my creativity.  For a while I have watched the imagery of a blog formulate and play within the confines of the space situated between my ears, but now I am actually setting it free for others.

My life… is as complex as my thoughts! Lol… I live and work on a University campus in Pennsylvania, and have spent years of free time travelling with students from one activity to the next. On that journey though, I have coerced my inner artist into a creative machine of fun.

Trained as an Interior Designer I chose to not formally use my degree instead opting to return to college to study education. BUT the workings of my brain have continued to churn out ideas, in the form of home decor, event planning, and fashion. I have in turn spread all of that greatness over my love of travel and will now be sharing it with you!