Navigating a redesign

I’m knee deep in an apartment over haul which has the potential to be a good or bad thing! With the recent renovations to the campus residential buildings I spent the summer displaced (I never quite realized the disdain moving can cause until I moved back and forth a few times) and finally returned to my 2 bedroom 1 bath apartment. Now, there have been pros, as my  floors, paint, lighting, and some fixtures have been updated and cons mainly in the context of designing within a perimeter.

Originally the space did not have accent wall colors… now we do! On a positive note I picked it out so it wasn’t a surprise, but because the entire building was getting the same accent color I tried not be selfish for the sake of the students.

Previous to the wall change I was actually revamping the space anyway, so this was a slight push in the needed direction. BUT I thought I was headed towards a neutral theme of creams and golds. Now I can’t just let this wall stand alone. I’m awake at night trying to figure out how this blue-gray will play out. Not seriously, well kinda seriously.

I am a designer who has no problem waiting for the right piece. As I think about it, it’s probably one of the few times that I am actually patient. Sacrificing the aesthetic I’m after just to have a place to sit is not an option, sadly. In fact, there was this one time… I went months without a couch.. (It sucked more for guests) I am also no where near wealthy, but somehow my taste always ends up falling in love with the most expensive choices. So that leaves me with two options, (1) the WS- better known as the wait and save or (2) find something nearly identical for less. I typically end up doing both equally.

Since this will probably take a few months, I figured together we would navigate room by room starting with the living room! There are a couple of reasons this made sense- I wanted to ease myself in and honestly it could not be avoided as you step right in from the front door.  I’m up for the challenge and I’m bringing you guys along on the ride! Buckle up this may take a while! ❤️

Picture 1. My before. Didn’t realize the only picture of my living room I had was from last Christmas. Had someone told me I would be blogging I probably should have attempted to take more but I did want to provide you with some visual!

Picture 2-4. After my return. Unfortunately nothing takes place at home when it’s August. I honestly thought it was a miracle that I moved back in. Welcoming new students doesn’t provide you any sleep less lone a free moment for a redesign. The color is actually called bracing blue which is honestly very fitting, it’s definitely “fresh and invigorating”!

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