Hues of Blues

Maybe I wasn’t joking at all when I said I stay up pondering the incorporation of this accent wall. I found myself daydreaming of my options all evening! What I decided through all of that was three options exist.


So here’s the thing, my rule of thumb is that when working with a color in a large amount (such as this accent wall or say a vibrant couch) the hue must also appear again in the room, in a smaller amount and on the opposite side of the space. This way when I visually take the room in, I don’t see the color only one time and the feeling of  cohesion exists. Bold hues are great, but I hate when they stand completely alone. This does not mean that the color must be exact. A shade (the addition of black), tone (the addition of black and white), or tint (the addition of white) of the color I’m working with is okay.

Which brings me back to my options.

If I go with the chair I’m looking for something in the neutral family that has a splash of the accent wall color. By splash I mean enough to be seen, but not a chair the same color as the wall. I should stop to point out that IF I pick a chair that is entirely blue then it must have variation within the piece. I also like to think for the future. What other room could this chair potentially go in should I get bored or move? If by chance I need to temporarily use the space for something else (i.e. My Christmas tree) where can my chair go and still look as if it was meant to be? When spending a substantial amount of money on something I need flexibility! Today’s blue living room feature could be tomorrow’s decision to move on to any other part of the color wheel. My hope is that the chair could find a new home and be a stand out part of another area. This makes a chair the hardest choice because there are so many variables!

Decorative pillows are much easier because they come in thousands of styles! Like literally thousands! Being that most are 12×12 a solid pillow can happen. Or again a splash is possible. Pillows also have more leeway to being found with the incorporation of metallics being sewn in which can be so glamorous if that’s what you’re going for! And hell, if all else fails you can head to the nearest fabric store and make your own! If you’re anything like me, I try not to pay a ton for decorative pillows (some can get pretty high) mainly because I know myself, and I will want to change them sooner than later. The good thing is I have plenty of storage, so putting them away and pulling them out again to mix and match or selling them-without feeling bad when I price them for less than I paid, is an option. Depreciation is real.

This is my go to. Why? Well for starters it’s easy. Throw blankets as a decor staple was probably the best thing to ever happen! The fact that by simply folding a blanket over the edge of something makes your house feel warm and lived in is AMAZING! To top it off potentially your throw can serve the utililataran purpose of cozying up…I couldn’t ask for anything more. Here are the downfalls to throws, unfortunately some exist. Picking out one that screams “I’m here for decor” is a must. There are throws that I will buy and offer to guests that are cold. Those are not the same ones that you want to use to enhance your space. As I stated your decorative throw can be used as a blanket up to a certain price point. Obviously if I’m  going for cashmere or even faux fur those tend to be purely for the purpose of not being touched. If I can find a nice blend that says “hey I can be loved on yet, I’m beautiful enough to adorn this chair arm”, then by all means use it! What am I looking for in a throw option? Well obviously for blue to exist, honestly aside from, that I really don’t know. I guess this could be another night of sleepless pondering.
Below are some pieces that could be contenders in each area. Leave me your thoughts in the comments! Feel free to ask any questions if you’d like more ideas or need more clarification on any of the three.

1) Very similar to the next one in color and style. The main difference is this gives you more movement with the checkered look. (Joss & Main)

2) Cozy throw, gives you the blues and neutrals in a mix blend vertical pattern. Understated. It will do its job, but won’t scream “hey look at me”. (Joss & Main)

3) Elegant, this one may be a bit too polished for me, I’m a little more relaxed but it’s definitely beautiful. (Joss & Main)

4) The pattern! It’s not over the top but lends itself to be easily added to the golds of my living room. (Joss & Main)

5) Metallics make me smile! Simple stripe and a balance of blue. (Joss & Main)

6) I love the idea of birds! This doesn’t fit all my criteria (being able to go to another room) but it’s an option!

7) Remember when I talked about variations in one blue piece. You can see my wall color intermingled with darker and lighter hues. I also love the lucite legs! (Joss & Main)

8) This piece spoke to me. It’s slightly off track but I had to share. It’s neutral and  calls for me to look for either the pillow or throw to go with it, as it doesn’t alone satisfy the need for blue. (Joss & Main)

9) I thought I wanted something “less blue” but I absolutely love this throw! It’s becoming one of my top choices. (West Elm)

10) Another favorite! I’ve been on a faux fur kick and the multi colored fur matched my personality. It’s a piece that can start a conversation which I really like. (West Elm)

11) Another surprise favorite. The jewel tone left me in limbo but the light blue of the inner design keeps bringing me back. (Z Gallerie)

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