My Drop Waist Obsession

So we’ve all done it… found an article of clothing that you really love…it fits well…you feel slim in it…you buy it in as many colors and patterns as possible. I know I’m not alone, even if you deny it! For me, I have struggled with a hate, hate relationship for years when it comes to dresses. I did not find them flattering on my body type and often times, I would have rather had on pants and a shirt or shorts and a blazer than wear a dress. Unfortunately, living in places with four seasons, shorts were out for a portion of the year, making the idea of going anywhere that was even the least bit formal a headache. I’m not sure when I stumbled across my first drop waist dress but I fell in love and it was a #GAMECHANGER. So now I buy them, a lot of them, because not only do they look good on me in my opinion, but the dress is truly versatile. I can wear it with heels or flats or sandals. It can be casual for the weekend or event appropriate. And quite honestly that’s the type dress I prefer to live in. Not too stuffy, fun and flirty!


As a certified apple shape-majority of my weight finds its way around my waist, my hip measurements are smaller and my chest is about even to my midsection. I have often wished upon a star for the pear shape or even to be an athletic build, but the best thing I’ve learned is which articles of clothing accentuate the parts I love and camouflage the parts I hate. The drop waist simply put, is a relaxed fit dress that is typically loose from shoulder to hip with a transition into a pleat or gathered skirt below the hip instead of at the waistline. This means that because the hemline is typically short, I get to accentuate my legs drawing eyes away from my midsection! The dress also brings more attention to the hips which works in my favor because the flare is right where hips would be if mine were wider.

So who else may fall in love with this cut of dress?! Read on to find out!

4 body types that could love a drop waist dress:

Slender/Athletic- Because the dress allows you to show off your legs, try to keep it a relatively short drop waist. And in an effort to not drown your frame in cloth be careful not to pick a style that is too loose. But lucky you! You can wear either a loose fitting or fitted drop waist with ease.

Apple– Here is the opportunity to worry less about your midsection. Because all eyes head to legs first! Pick a loose fitting drop waist that will skim over the tummy. With the low waist line you give the illusion of a longer torso. If I find that I look too stout because of the “long torso illusion”, I typically reserve that particular dress for heels only. You want to balance the torso to leg ratio and heels have always been known to make legs appear longer!

Hour Glass/Pear- Some say that this dress is simply not your best fit. But if you have decided you really like it and want to give it a try… well… I say go for it! Just make sure to keep in mind the dress sits right at the hips and the best thing you can do if this is not an area you are choosing to accentuate is to choose a larger dress that accommodates your curves while altering the shoulders to keep the fitted nature at the top and draw attention to your slimmer waistline. You can also opt for a style with a “fun” detailing along the neckline that brings eyes up and away from your hips

Plus- In the same vein as the apple shape, if you’re plus size, a loose fitting drop waist works well with drawing attention away from your midsection. It’s important to note that the style works best for certain plus size shapes and if you tend to be more hippy make sure to keep in mind the information of a pear shaped/ hourglass when selecting this style.

Below are four of the dresses in my closet. Sadly, I know that there is at least three more amongst my clothes. No one ever said a girl couldn’t love an item enough to buy multiples, so guilt free about my drop waist obsession! ❤️

Questions? Comments! Leave them below!


Dress: Victoria Beckham for Target | Blazer: Tommy Hilfiger | Shoes: Qupid

Dress: Victoria Beckham for Target | Shoes: Kenneth Cole

Dress: Banana Republic | Shoes: Steve Madden |Clutch: Kate Spade

Dress: Banana Republic | Jacket: Ralph Lauren | Shoes: Asos

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