Philadelphia LOVE

A few weeks back in the post Late Nights, Concerts & Philadelphia I told you I would share more of Philly at a later date, (go read it if you haven’t already) well that later date is today!

This past Saturday my job was to take international students on a day trip around the city, so I made sure to snap a few pics in an effort share the city with y’all. Philadelphia is close, I am sure it will appear many times here with different sites and adventures to come, this trip was no different-even though some of the places I have been before, as always we had a blast!  


A lot of city’s have a designated area known as Chinatown, I  have to say aside from that one time in New York this is the only other one I have visited. Typically Asian cuisine is my least favorite, but I can’t lie, my colleague wanted to have lunch here and it was the best meal I have had out in a while. (Of course ever thing I cook at home goes on the best meal list) I am still thinking about the whole crispy fried fish with a side of sweet and sour sauce to this day. I have thought of driving back to Philadelphia all week just for it (and talked myself out of it) but if you’re every in Chinatown, Shanghai 1 with their pleasant atmosphere and crispy fish, man o man it’s worth your time!


Reading Terminal Market

Prepare to walk around and run into every thing from soul food, creole classics, fresh meats, baked goods and more! Described as an “urban farmer’s market” Reading Terminal as been in operation since 1892 and with the size of Saturday‘s crowd I can see why!  The market is bustling with lines forming at people’s favorite merchants, while others sit at a table for a quick bite of whatever they’ve picked up.  Since I ate in Chinatown I wasn’t looking for food, (I have had food from a few of the restaurants here in the past) and although I didn’t want to stand in the longest line for one of the more sought after baked good from Beilers (known for their PA Dutch specialties) I did grab up a flourless chocolate cake and mango tea from a restaurant known as Flying Monkey. Very tasty! Not to mention I wouldn’t be myself if I walked past art and didn’t buy something. So I scooped up these cards of Philadelphia sites which I will probably frame and add to a wall! I’m corny so I tried to pick up pictures of sites we visited today. (The LOVE statue is currently not on display because of renovations, but its so iconic to Philadelphia I picked that card up too)



Monument Lab

If you love art Philadelphia will never disappoint, there is always plenty to see in every medium of the subject. I have been on a guided mural tour in the past that showcased some very fun pieces in the city. This trip fell  in the middle of a city wide project called Monument Lab. According to the newspaper I was given “Monument Lab: A Public Art and History Project, operates around a central guiding question: what is an appropriate monument for the current city of Philadelphia?” The project is said to aim at building civic dialogue and stoking historical imagination as forces for social change. Advertised as 9 weeks. 10+ sites. 20+ artists. I was able to run into 4 pieces along the way. Truly interested in one, (the Afro pick) as I began to run into others I was captivated by the works and what each represented. The monuments are up across the city until November 19th so if your are around make sure to check them out.

All Power to All People (Across from City Hall)

“…a public art intervention around identity and representation in Philadelphia.”

Two Me (City Hall Courtyard)

“… invites the public to pose as living monuments in the courtyard of City Hall.”

The Built/Unbuilt Square (Rittenhouse Square)

“…provides a journey into Rittenhouse Square’s historical landscape with the help of augmented reality technology.”

If They Should Ask (Rittenhouse Square)

“… marks a long line of Philadelphia women, from mid-1600s to present day, who could be or could have been recognized with monuments.”


Rittenhouse Square

Saturdays at Rittenhouse Square- a quaint little park surrounded by high rise apartments, boast a farmers market and plenty of people watching. I could have sat on the park bench all day except for as the sun set it began to get cold. Everyone seemed to be walking a dog, reading a book, or chatting it up with the person sharing their bench. Of course the Monument Lab had some people around checking out the exhibits, and there was a food truck giving away free fries so that you could try their condiments (I live for fries)  making everything about the hour or so I spent there really chill. The neat thing is the square comes at the end of a street full of shopping. Clothing stores, restaurants, coffee shops and more line Walnut St. Once your feet are sore you can take a seat and watch the dogs pass by- or at least that’s how imagine it should go!  ❤️


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