Pink, Sprinkles, & Loads of Smiles

Pink! From the moment you park your car. So much pink. I have never had a love for pink, yet I also haven’t smiled nearly this intensely by being around this amount of it! But it’s like you can’t stop, you literally cannot lock your lips together for even one second. And just thinking about it makes me smile BIG! Lol

A few months back I saw a picture of Blue Carter and Beyonce swinging around bananas and sitting in a pool of sprinkles and I had to know where they were! Low and behold New York (at the time) had a place called the Museum of Ice Cream (MOIC)… I wanted in! Living about 2hours away from the city I just knew I was going, until the website hit me with SOLD OUT. At the MOIC sold out literally means there is really no chance in hell that you are going to get to go. So I waited. (I can’t lie, I stalked them on Instagram and started getting their

Fast forward to my trip to LA. I will spare you all of the deets of how I had to practically have a meltdown to get tickets (just know the process was a tiny bit stressful) and share with you instead all the glorious-ness that is this place where you smile a lot and forget about adulting to dive head first into ice cream.

The name is only slightly misleading… yes it’s about ice cream, but if you thought you were going to learn the history or interesting facts or the process in which ice cream is made you are in the wrong place. (Stick around though this is much better than all of that) Instead, it’s a popup museum… (so far it’s been in New York and is currently opened but sold out in Los Angeles and San Francisco till 2018) The website doesn’t give a ton of information which makes visiting even more intriguing, but I have noticed that each installation has had a few differences. ) Just think room after room of quirky fun ice cream related themes and back drops that scream for you to take millions of pictures and selfies and usies with your close pals!  I don’t know if I made that sound enticing or not, just know you want to experience it! I’m sure for someone the thought of selfies makes you want to roll your eyes, but I can’t put into words just how great this place is. Somewhere mixed with youthful nostalgia and bright colors is this feeling. Then add on top that there are treats!

So yes, I went and had a blast and wore all pink. (that’s never happened ever before in my life) I like to think I pulled it off, but even if I didn’t, just about everyone that goes (adult or child) has on some form of pink or pastel! It’s magical… lol. But there isn’t a color requirement and I can’t image any outfit creating a bad picture so regardless you’re winning.

Saving the best for last… Today MOIC has released the location of the next museum installation! Looks like it’s headed to Miami! I am excited and I will honestly be trying to secure tickets to go, it’s really that fun. So far the ticket information has not been released nor the dates for the Miami museum, but I will continuously check my email for updates!

Shorts: Michael Kors | Sweater: J Crew | Shoes: Qupid | Clutch:

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