Tablescapes for Turkey Day

You know those scenes from magazines or movies with the table so well put together for the holiday, every person has a designated spot indicated by their name, and the plates are GORGEOUS… I dream of those meals. Somewhere along the way I have fallen for dinner ware, especially salad plates, and now I spend time day dreaming about dinner parties and holiday gatherings. Keep in mind at this particular point in my life Thanksgiving has consisted of eating with a coworker or alone (depending on my own preference and wanting to be bothered) I live too far from family and close friends to want to entangle myself with airports and car rides. But I still buy plates….. because “one day”. Lol

When thinking about Thanksgiving every family is different, ranging from the more formal meal to the laid back setting. Below find some simple (and fairly inexpensive) tablescapes covering each style!


So here is my secret. It’s not that I wouldn’t put the money into an expensive white set of dishes, but I currently am not utilizing the cheaper set I have to really find buying expensive ones justifiable. Still, I love white dishes with the gold trim and learned something very valuable… every year the dollar tree puts out a line (bowl, salad plate, dinner plate, coffee mug, wine glass, water glass) with a gold trim! They are not that awkward “I look like glass but when you tap me you find out I am plastic” but REAL GLASS! For a dollar a piece this is unbeatable and you don’t feel bad if one happens to break, yet they look so nice with the gold trim! The dinner plate you will see is my jumping off point for all things great to come. If you prefer a more simplistic look you can utilize the set as is!

Dinnerware: Dollar Tree | Napkin Rings: Pier 1 Imports | Napkins: Kohls

Sidenote: When preparing for this post I knew I wanted napkin rings and I happened to find the leaf ones in a clearance bin at Pier 1 but they were silver. I was going to leave them because I definitely wanted gold, but then it hit me to spray paint them! I keep a can of gold around my house for reasons like this!


Now that I have shared my secret, know that the dinner plate will be the same, but one of the joys I get from all white with gold trim is how much you can do to “jazz” it up or keep it simple! If you like the white fresh look but just want to add something to it try one of these two options. I ran across the pumpkin plate while grocery shopping! As I mentioned before the only specific holiday I decorate for is Christmas. I prefer to just have fall decor versus Halloween and Thanksgiving so I the pumpkin was perfect. Another thing that would be nice here that I didn’t do was utilize name place holders, which would look really pretty in the middle of the plate. If not pumpkins you can also select a pattern. Something fairly mellow in the scheme of your theme.

Pumpkin Plate: Giant Grocery Store

Dot Plate: T.J.Maxx


I love the first two as they are, typically I would want more! Although the colors are still only white and gold the splash on the plates and the geometric pattern give me life! The splatter plate is smaller than the salad plate and is known as that canape plate (how fancy). Terminology aside, I like the look and how you can use the full set or mix with others that also happen to be the same color for added pattern. It’s also probably the most expensive plate I own since the splatter design is made of solid gold, but I’m positive there is options cheaper.

Splatter Plate: Jonathan Adler 1948° Set | Geometric Plate: T.J.Maxx


It’s the holidays, but if  dinner is casual and/or you have a family that will find humor in your decor choice than you want this last set. I like that it has color, and animals always make me happy so it’s a win win. One thing that you can also do to create an eclectic layout is mix and match all that’s been covered above (Plain salad plate with gold trim, dot salad plate, geometric salad plate, pumpkin salad plate and animal salad plate) Because the color scheme is the same interchanging shape and pattern is okay and easy, and will leave guests glad they chose to spend the holiday with you!

Animal Plates: Pier 1 | Silverware: Target | Drinkware: Dollar Tree

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