All Gold Everything


I live in what many would consider a rural area of Pennsylvania. So much so, that to put it into perspective the nearest shopping area is 45 minutes away. Needless to say I don’t go there very often and have grown accustomed to shopping online. To me, unless I know of a specific reason, it doesn’t make sense to drive up and back to browse. Earlier in the week I felt the urge to take the trip and I’m glad I listened to that inner voice! The area would probably be considered very high on a shoppers list, due to the concentration of stores in such a small radius. I made sure to hit my favorites… TJMaxx, Marshalls, and Target, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Since the main objective is still the living room redesign, of course I went in search of pieces to fit the space. (See Hues of Blues and Navigating a Redesign to catch up on my living room) And in true fashion of a pro shopper, when you’re looking for specifics you NEVER find it. At least I don’t, maybe you guys have better luck. What I did find is plenty for other rooms!
Now I could have left everything since they really weren’t part of my short term goal, but instead I bought them all! Lol.

Here’s the reasons why:
1. ALWAYS THINK AHEAD. Granted I’m not currently working on the bedrooms, bathroom, or kitchen, but I walk through those spaces daily and I think about how I want them to look. With that in mind, when I see a piece that will work it’s best to purchase.
2. STORES WITH REVOLVING INVENTORY. How many have ever been to a TJMaxx and didn’t buy something you were looking at? Then you leave and continue to think about the awesomeness that was left behind. So you go back…. and it’s gone. The likelihood that whatever it was will be found again is slim to none, especially for the same price. (Unless you wrote down the brand and potentially some important numbers off of an attached tag which no one ever does)
3. SALES. Well enough said. Some markdowns are final and that means snatch it now or you will be in the same predicament as you were in reason 2.

This doesn’t mean I buy everything in sight, but it does mean I walk around with items in my cart slowly thinking about how the room will come together now that I have found the selected piece. It means whenever I think of that space from here on out, said item has a home and there is one less blank spot to fill. If while circling the store with the cart I can’t see it in any particular place… I put it back.

One thing I haven’t yet discussed is a full view of the color palette currently playing out in my home. Just know gold is showing up everywhere! Granted, part of that has been a renewed surge of gold as a popular accent for what has been chromes and silvers. Not that either are out of style, it’s really a preference. Anyway, I have been slowly moving from silver to gold over the last year and have loved the outcome. It makes the perfect bit of shine, glamour, and feminine touch when used sporadically amongst other colors.

So here’s what I bought:
1. GRAPHIC PRINT. Although I haven’t posted anything related to travel just yet, (it’s coming) I absolutely love an adventure! If you love something, display that in your home. Makes for a good conversation starter and reminder of those things that make you happy. Not to mention for a framed print of that size and price it was way to reasonable to pass up. (Picked up at Marshalls for 10.00)
2. ARMADILLO LAMP. It’s just quirky enough. The whimsy of odd pieces is something I can walk into a room for months and smile at. It really is the small things. (Picked up at Target for 20.98, Threshold)
3. GOLD VASE. It was simple. It was different. Sometimes that may be the only reasons. Overall it fit the color palette, I could see it in the room, and it spoke to me! (Picked up at Target for 7.48, Nate Berkus)
4. WHITE FRAME. Coming soon will be a post on wall collages. I love them, and art in general. Basically, there can never be enough picture frames in my mind. (Picked up at Ollie’s Bargain Outlet for 4.99, Threshold- typically found for much more in Target)
5. ACCENT TABLE. Well they call it an accent table, honestly I like it better as an accent seating piece, (one that probably won’t see many seats) it’s definitely sturdy enough to hold weight. This takes the award for best deal of the day! The markdown was 70% off the original price. (Picked up at Target for 26.98, Threshold)
Keep following and watch to see where each item is placed and make sure to leave  a comment below! ❤️

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