My Old Kentucky Home

Let me address the elephant in the room and in the spirit of most great girl talk prepare to answer the question “girl, where have you been?!” I will start by saying I wanted to blog as a past time for the things I enjoy and have the words spew onto the page with my most honest voice. I wanted to share my apartment and fashion, and my travels and hear from readers- but there is no better way to put it than to say I have zero work life balance and found myself consumed with new job responsibilities and blah blah blah, the other thousand things that come with life. It was supposed to be a hobby but since it was a hobby that I was sharing with anyone that wanted to read it, I began to become consumed with perfecting the writing and it just wasn’t nearly as enjoyable or easy as I first thought. Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t expecting a walk in the park, but the consistency that I learned I needed to have after a few post was something I couldn’t give. I knew that I would make it back to y’all and haven’t stopped decorating my apartment and occasionally seeing what the world has to offer, I just wanted to give you the best me when I returned! I commend all bloggers, especially those who do it as a living. It’s hard, even as recreation. Still, I needed to  push the elephant out of my 12×14 space first so I could breath and have adequate space for picture posting! So I’m back! I have decided on a few post each week (hopefully once in each section) and first up is a series! Check it out!

I’ve mentioned I’m from Kentucky. Born and raised in the Bluegrass State, where there is more bourbon than people and depending on which region you’re from sheds light on just how thick your accent can get. Typically I’ve traveled home at least twice a year since I moved to Pennsylvania but my trips are extremely full with pre–planned itineraries, family visits, and other obligations. With no time to be a tourist I have missed the growth and must see sights of Louisville and the surrounding areas. 

Because I work in higher education and August is busy from start to finish with the new semester I couldn’t wait to get on the plane and breath! Living where you work is hard and taxing on the brain, so this extended holiday weekend getaway came just in time. Catch up on the fun things I did during my visit. Leave any questions below if there is anything more you would like to know about My Old KY Home!

Louisville Slugger Museum

So the museum isn’t new I just haven’t visited it until this trip. I have to say it was so neat! I’m not a baseball fan and in my mind I envisioned a museum of baseball players and facts about the sport. NOT! The is a factory tour. You are watching the making of the most famous bat ever made and it’s really interesting! The hour long  guided tour is $14 including a free miniature bat for you to keep, plus a chance for a few photo ops. (Although inside the factory no pictures can be taken) I learned 1.8 million wooden bats leave the factory each year, including the miniatures! During my visit the machine used to make Major League Baseball (MLB) bats was in production making bats for AJ Pollock of the Arizona Diamondbacks, along with the rest of the facility creating minor league, souvenir, and retail bats. If for no other reason Louisville’s Museum Row is worth a visit just for the picture of a 6 story Louisville Slugger propped up on the side of a building! When you’re finished walk across the street to a candy store making the BEST bourbon balls I’ve ever had!

Mussel & Burger Bar

Downtown Louisville is a mix of hip new restaurants and old classics. Museum Row is a revitalization of the historic Main Street and walking the few blocks means plenty of museums but also a ton of restaurants. After the slugger museum  I visited Mussel & Burger Bar, which is exactly what the name implies! BURGERS, BURGERS, BURGERS. It is important for me to share that I no longer eat meat so I had the seafood burger and it was AMAZING! (They also make veggie burgers)  I watched plenty of beef walk by and they also looked good. Get the sweet potato fries with the pineapple dipping sauce, you will be sad if you don’t. The restaurant has two locations, with the downtown one being the “better one” according to my friend, who has been to both. And as much as I am here for food I enjoy looking at the decor and ambiance. With velvet curtains, tufted benches, and a slight masculine yet highly sophisticated  play on farm animals the scene didn’t disappoint.

21C Museum Hotel

Across the street from the Mussel & Burger Bar is the coolest modern museum. Also a hotel, the art museum is free and filled with odd and fun exhibits. With their iconic red penguin found throughout, the art is changed every six months, so it’s a place you can visit multiple times. I explored for a bit, but found myself wondering how the rooms were designed! If you go let me know, because I never got to find out!


Highland Morning

With two locations, this cozy cafe boasts a menu of common southern breakfast and lunch cuisine. Expect to see grits/grits of the day and sausage gravy with biscuits. The one thing missing that is pretty common is an interpretation of the Kentucky Hot Brown,  but there are plenty of places in the city to have one of those! The restaurant is really nice about you adding or subtracting ingredients, I had an omelet, well basically two omelets because I mixed two together by the time I made the changes I had a taste for. The place is small but for a Friday morning there wasn’t a wait.

Le Moo

The website calls it “A dimly lit, glitzy dining room, inspires an elevated menu of steakhouse fare, plus drinks” and I wouldn’t agree more. I enjoy all things eclectic and over the top when it comes to decor, fashion, and art, Le Moo covers two of the three! The menu is creative with tons of bacon. (Bacon is a food group all its own… I get it) I had red snapper with cabbage without the bacon and was extremely pleased with the meal. Salt water taffy is at the front door in place of mints, and for the second time on this trip the restaurant is filled with art pieces of farm animals. I get it! If your focus is on beef and pork than you gotta display some cows and pigs! They bring out your check in a novel, which my group enjoyed turning to a random page and reading a paragraph out-loud for fun! 

Makers Mark Distillery

I traveled an hour and a half outside of Louisville to the city of Loretto to see Makers Mark’s bourbon production! A stop on the bourbon trail, I have been waiting for weeks to go so that I could dip my own iconic bottle with the red wax! I’m not much of a drinker and bourbon has never been a pick of mine even on my occasional drinks, but something about being from Kentucky meant I HAD to do this. There are 10 stops on the Bourbon Trail with each distillery offering you a “passport stamp” for your visit. Once you collect all the stamps you can send in your passport for a free shirt. So after a scenic drive through the back roads of Kentucky a few friends and I arrive for a guided tour through the distillery. The smell of fermenting spirits hits your nose as soon as the tour starts. I must say, the smell is not appealing to me but the tour had some really fascinating information about how the process works. Over 68000 labels are made each day using the original technique of the company, and each bottle is still hand dipped to this day! For $12 you do the tour plus a bourbon tasting of the five products they make, and a couple of bourbon chocolates! The tour is open to all including children but of course you must be 21+ to do the tasting and to dip a bottle. Loretto, Kentucky is the only location for Maker’s production and each barrel can only be used once (that’s part of what makes bourbon bourbon), they also have two flavors that are sold exclusively at the distillery. Currently there is also a blown glass installation on sight entitled Chihuly at Makers which ends in October. Bring your camera! Pictures are allowed and welcomed and there are plenty of things to snap.

Other suggestions

Kentucky is known of the bourbon and the Kentucky Derby. The Yum center features many popular concerts all year as well as other events. Take a moment to google search and check out some places I didn’t get to visit on this time around and begin to plan your own trip!

  • 4th Street Live
  • Muhammad Ali Museum
  • Superchefs (Restaurant)
  • Louisville Zoo
  • Gallopalooza
  • Churchill Downs




4 thoughts on “My Old Kentucky Home

  1. I’ve been patiently awaiting your return. I have been saying I need to be a tourist in my own hometown, and this may be just the inspiration I need to do just that. Enjoyed the post, and hope to see you on your next visit!


    1. You should do it! It was really fun to get out and explore the city as an adult. I will definitely need to see you on the next visit! Next post will be Wednesday in the fashion section 🙂


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