Horses, Bourbon & Fashion!

Since I was home and in full tourist mode, I thought it would be fun to dedicate my first fashion blog post to Kentucky as well! I should mention when it comes to clothing the more bazaar the better, but in small doses. So I like to pair classic with artsy, long lasting sophisticated with current fads, and a splash of color with an array of neutrals. I guess in essence the way I dress is very similar to aspects of how I design my home. This trip was no different. In my mind I already decided and committed to wear something KY related EVERYDAY of my trip! This ranged from simply adding Kentucky related jewelry to a full out horse shirt! Now for some that may be a feat, but oddly I own quite a few things that fit into the category. I really LOVE my home state and often purchase little pieces that reflect that. So short of looking like Ms Frizzle, whose name by the way is Valerie (how crazy) I have looks below that in someway has a small or big piece of Kentucky included, enjoy and try a theme for your next trip!




If there is any piece that you have questions about, feel free to ask below in the comments!

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