Home: It’s where the heart and decor is!

It’s been a week since I visited Kentucky and I started to think about all the ways I bring the place I miss so much into my home here in Pennsylvania. I mentioned earlier this week that I do travel to Kentucky at least twice a year but on those off times I prefer to keep home close. I’m sure I’m not the only person who has moved someplace new and feels that way, so I want to share how I have incorporated simple and subtle touches to my apartment that reminds me of where I’m from. Because I prefer my place be a bit eclectic anyway it’s easy for me to slide in a few pieces. Although I in no way want a visitor to feel like they’ve walked into a Kentucky shrine, it is my goal to portray how important home is to me!

Check out a few of my rooms and the piece within that remind me of home!

Living Room

Horses, a bar with bourbon, and a Kentucky shaped cutting board (I usually keep glasses there).




I like art of ALL KINDS, I once saw a bathroom and realized how perfect of a place to have fun with a collection of art. So this is my spin on it! Muhammad Ali actually has a famous training camp right up the street from my home here in Pennsylvania and local artists have a connection and memories of him just like many people from Lousiville have!


Guest Bedroom

There is a travel theme in the guest bedroom. (I will share it in its entirety on a post) I guess it’s technically “easier” to add pieces if you’re already sharing from different places. This is another local piece taken of a horse somewhere in PA.


I hope you enjoyed a week of Kentucky! Next week I will head to Philadelphia for a concert and share a bit of the city on the blog from the trip!

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