Late Nights, Concerts, & Philadelphia

This post is coming live from Philadelphia! I may have mentioned that I live pretty close to the city for a quick turn around visit ever so often. Tonight I am here in a new venue for a Bryson Tiller concert. Of course, spending majority of my time in the mountains the reason “why” is only a part of my excitement when coming to Philadelphia, if no other reason it feels good to be in a city! With tons of museums, history, and food there is plenty to get into here. ( I promise to share more of the city in a later post) Tonight I am at the Mann Center of Performing Arts enjoying their outdoor space. Aside from feeling like I’m at a festival the view around is stunning. The one downside is general admission and standing for the duration of the entertainment. I’m sure if this was a day concert people would sit on blankets which would be fun but tonight the best I could do was wear comfortable shoes! The venue does have an outdoor amphitheater, I guess for the feel the performer wanted he CHOSE the standing setup. After walking up a ton of steps you do get a gorgeous view of the city! And the one plus is that although this is a rain or shine venue, the night is perfect. Sun has gone down and the weather is giving off real fall like vibes. Lol. If the chance ever arises to attend a concert here take it! It was worth it!







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