Updates, Updates, Updates!

If you haven’t read the three post from last year, (yes, last year) then have a look see! It was the beginning of my blogging adventure with the focus of the entire journey on showcasing home decor-specifically my apartment and my thoughts. Of course it’s better now cause there are multiple topics, BUT in the beginning you saw me working to unpack and figure things out in a newly renovated space. In an effort not to just leave you out there wondering, (because I know everyone was wondering… lol) I wanted to provide some updates! Take a look at my guest room! Well technically… it’s my second bedroom, that I currently use as the master bedroom, unless I really have a guest, because I can’t make any design decisions in the master bedroom, which has turned into the holding place for everything! (that’s another story for another day) Whew….

Anyway, guest room. It kinda came together without a real plan (very unlike me to not have a plan) I loved the bed that was currently in my master but wanted something new since its my first college off campus apartment bedroom set. I got rid of the dresser but nothing was wrong with the headboard and bed-frame. Aside from parts being silver and I now am in a gold phase (I may one day paint them) a new mattress was all it needed. I’m obsessed with mid century modern furniture and the low design of all the pieces. This is slightly more contemporary but it pairs nicely with some mid century pieces I have purchased . So I moved in the bed and that set the tone.


2016-08-11 06.16.31.jpg



This was to be a multi use space for all my visitors (sarcasm. I rarely have visitors but I’m ready just in case), an office for blogging (typically I write and post from my phone), and the clothes I plan to sell (more to come). In a nut shell I had big plans, (laughing at myself) my intentions were good! I managed to get all of that in the space plus incorporate a small “library”! I like to still buy books, and LOVE to get them signed. So I needed a space to showcase them. Unfortunately not all of them fit, hence small “library” (use library REAL loosely)


Desk: Target

Chair: IKEA

Artwork: various places. (Street art, TJMaxx, Target)



Shelves: IKEA

The theme became travel related after I bought a pair of bed sheets that I adore alongside the pictures of New York I kept picking out from street vendors. I love New York but I also enjoy travel in general, so somehow I’ve made the hodgepodge in my mind work and have created a guest space that is interesting and hopefully relaxing. Like much of my apartment I tend to go neutral and then add color. The blue gray wall is a slight limitation but not totally. Top three colors: blueish gray (on the verge of periwinkle), yellow/gold, and teals. I’m not completely done, as there are few things I still need to pick up like curtains (can’t decide what I want) and another shelf, but enjoy anyway! ❤️


My favorite accessories in the space!

Lamp: random Craigslist purchase. But I loved it and drove to go get it. It’s fairly tall and vintage. I painted the lamp shade a few years back.

Llama/Alpaca Artwork: I’m not sure where this llama love (I struggle to tell the difference between a llama and alpaca) came from but it’s my new thing. I’m considering making it the mascot of 10Twentyeight. I just find them to be stylish with their haircuts! Animal pixies… lol

Inspirtational Artwork: self explanatory!

Throw pillow: Two words I live by. It’s so important whether it’s through travel or not!

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