Falling Into Fall

So last Friday marked the first day of the best season of the year! (I can’t contain my excitement) Autumn… fall… whatever term you like to use, as long as you love the leaves changing colors, candy corn and peanuts, the warmth of fragrances like apple pie, pumpkin, and warm blanket, and chili (can’t forget chili) then you are alright with me! I was born in the fall which may or may not have anything to do with my infatuation with wearing layers and cozy nights, but does it really matter?! The crispness in the air should be enough to make you happy! Granted since last Thursday it’s been about 85° or higher in Pennsylvania which made getting the true fall vibe difficult, BUT I gave my apartment a good seasonal change that helped!

My goal in life is to be able to go to a closet and pull out four sets of decor. (one per season) Not only does it allow for you to never get bored with your space, you also really get to embrace the time of year you’re in. Just like your environment gives you a color palette with the change of landscape, I prefer to follow that tradition indoors. For instance, spring flowers are bright and have a vibrancy that welcomes you into the new season after the dead of winter. To decorate only with spring colors would be mundane and limit you from fully bring the current outdoors inside. So I have been slowly but surely making purchases that will help my goal. I prefer not to buy anything as the season is beginning, obviously that’s when it will be full price. If instead I can buy my new ceramic pumpkin in December when it’s on clearance I get my money to stretch further. This also means when it’s pulled out the following year it’s like a surprise and new buy to my mind because I’ve never used it!

Two tips for shopping:
1) If you can’t leave it or wait for the sale then get it. As great as clearance is, there are those items you can’t wait for, either because you know your home or the items popularity. Don’t miss it to save 10%.

2) Always get your container out before looking for new items. I almost went out to look for the same type of pillow I already had! The goal is to further complete a project with patience and just a few new things overtime not to duplicate the things you already have!

Anyhow, I pulled out my fall container which contains mainly table decor and throw pillows and begin to place them where they will stay until November (Black Friday) when I will make the change to Christmas. I have to note that Christmas is probably the only holiday that I decorate for. So fall for me covers all of fall (September to November) I don’t purchase Halloween specific decor or Thanksgiving  specific pieces. Same is true for spring and summer. Check out the pictures below for my fall decorations! ❤️


Living Room

Got questions?! Leave those below!

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